LuVerne E.W. Hogg, founder, President and CEO of ZMM, said “Returning to the Z-1 clinoptilolite zeolite ore body is like returning home after being away for 25 years.”

“25 years ago, as a Geo-Scientist, I located and acquired the mineral rights to the Z-1 zeolite deposit and sold it two years later. If I knew then what I know now, I’d never have sold it! But I couldn’t know then what I know now without the 25 years of working with zeolite research and development, many different zeolite deposits, applications and usage around the world.”

“I didn’t have the experience to recognize the real value of the Z-1 zeolite back then so when the opportunity came to buy the deposit back, bringing to it the current scientific design, knowledge and capabilities of zeolites, it was a natural progression – a no brainer! The birth of ZMM began.”

ZMM® CANADA MINERALS CORP. , producer of zeolite products and solutions, was established in June 2014 to acquire the Z-1 Clinoptilolite Zeolite Property in the Cache Creek area of British Columbia, Canada. ZMM Clinoptilolite Property is conveniently located near the Trans Canada Highway and both Canadian railways.

ZMM is a unique zeolite company. We believe in using science and technology to provide the ultimate in designed customer solutions and services. We do that by devoting time and resources, utilizing zeolite research and product design, to ensure we offer the very best in technical support, professionalism and prompt, friendly service.

We’re here to supply advanced, high performance, environmentally friendly design solutions tailored for your specific needs. We produce our zeolite applications in an environmentally responsible manner and we back up what we sell!

We’re here to help make our planet a better place using ZMM natural zeolite solutions.