Chief Field Operations for ZMM

ZMM is pleased to welcome Raymond G.J. Johnson to our team as Chief Field Operations. Raymond will supervise field operations on the Nesbitt Lake, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) project and assist on activities at the Z-1 Zeolite Quarry, as well as the TransCanada and Juniper Creek Zeolite properties.

Raymond brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, having worked on many mining operations, large and small. He was employed with Highland Valley Copper from 1983 to 2016, where he trained equipment operators and truck drivers. His vast experience includes over two years shop experience, seven years of haul truck driving and operating dozers, loaders, graders and excavators. He understands all aspects of excavating, mining and ranching in all weather conditions! In 2015, he took over the management and operation of his family’s business: HE Mining and Excavating, operating a crew of six.

Raymond is an open-minded, hardworking, sixth generation resident of the Ashcroft area and enjoys great working relationships with local businesses and government ministries, including those in Highways, Mining, Forestry and Ranching. Besides working with copper all those years, Raymond has worked with placer gold, aggregates, zeolites and diatomaceous earth for over two decades and is eager to formally join ZMM to make more magic with minerals. He has a super attitude and outlook on life as he announces “I am still teachable.” Doesn’t get better than that!

Verne and Raymond have worked together on many projects in the past and we’re thrilled to have him join ZMM as Chief Field Operations. Raymond is the ZMM contact at our DE Nesbitt Lake project and can be reached at 250 457-3363 or

Please join us in welcoming Raymond to our team!