ZMM® Remediator


Leached Soil NE Brazil

Leached Soil NE Brazil

The remediation of soils is commanding greater interest as increased environmental pressure for reclamation of contaminated sites is increasing. There are definite financial benefits to improving the productivity of poor quality soils.

ZMM has actively pursued horticultural opportunities for its zeolite products and solutions for many years. Collaborative research with Agriculture Canada, the Pacific Turf Institute, along with industrial and agricultural partners is broadening our understanding of the role zeolites can play in mitigating toxicity of contaminants and improving soil quality. Results clearly demonstrate an ability to neutralize the impact of toxic contaminants while also retaining moisture and reducing nutrient loss.

There are thousands of sites in North America that have been contaminated needing remediation. These sites are a result of industrial activity, mining, oil and gas exploration and production and pipelines. Every contaminated site is different and requires a different designed solution. ZMM Remediator has the flexibility to be utilized in a wide range of conditions encountered.

Toxicity of salt, heavy metals and hydrocarbons inhibits sustainable bioactivity. ZMM Remediator improves soil aeration, allows percolation of water and immobilizes hydrocarbons and soil sterilants. It enhances organic amendments to assist returning the sites to their prior productive condition.

ZMM Remediator improves soil characteristics, including cation exchange capacity, water holding capacity and soil porosity. Zeolites are reservoirs for slow release nutrients, water and oxygen and provide a platform for microbial activity.

Soils rendered infertile by hydrocarbon contaminated soils, drill cuttings containing drilling fluids, soils sterilized with herbicides, sodic soils, saline plumes, alkali seepage zones and heavy minerals contamination can be remediated using ZMM Remediator in combination with appropriate materials and methodologies.  Application of ZMM Remediator provides a permanent solution.