LuVerne E.W. Hogg

LuVerne E.W. Hogg

LuVerne E.W. Hogg, as a geoscientist since 1965 and President and CEO of ZMM, has been engaged in mineral exploration, development, production and marketing of industrial minerals. Verne is an industry recognized expert in zeolites worldwide and has specialized in and researched zeolite minerals, products and their applications for over 25 years, in 16 countries. As an expert on zeolites, he has developed many environmental, agricultural, industrial, construction, consumer and products. He is responsible for patents on the use of zeolite in Lightweight Zeolite Concrete products, downhole cements, radioactive and hazardous waste encapsulation and consumer products.

Verne has been the President and CEO of industrial mineral, publicly traded companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the TSX Venture Exchange, and private industrial mineral companies. As CEO, he developed the companies from exploration into successful businesses for kaolin, bentonite, silica sand, calcium carbonate, diatomaceous earth, sodium sulphate and zeolites.

Previously he worked as a Geological Assistant for the Geological Survey of Saskatchewan and the Geological Survey of Canada in the Yukon. He was a Mine Geologist for International Nickel in Thompson, Manitoba, following that he conducted geological, geophysical and geochemical surveys throughout Canada. As Vice President Exploration in Canada and the British Virgin Islands, he guided the development of a gold mine and mill in northeast Saskatchewan.

Verne attended Geology at the University of Saskatchewan from 1961 to 1964. He is a member of The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum #148963 and has held numerous memberships, directorships and offices in mineral exploration companies, including Canada University Industry Council on Advanced Ceramics. His published papers relating to mineral exploration, research and product development are many and varied. He is President and CEO of Arenito Minerals & Chemicals Corp. a private international consulting firm specializing in mineral exploration, development, marketing and sales with a focus on zeolites.

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Imagination, science and zeolites create the Supernatural.”


Valary L. Schulz

Valary L. Schulz

Valary L. Schulz is a consulting geologist, currently active in petroleum exploration and exploitation in both conventional and unconventional spheres, primarily in the continental USA. Born, raised, and educated in Canada at the University of Saskatchewan, she started her career in hard rock mining in Northern Quebec at the underground Campbell Chibougamau Mine. Valary then ventured to Honduras doing surface exploration for Rosario Resources and transferred to Rosario’s oil and gas division in Dallas Texas in 1977.

Over the next 35 years Valary worked in exploration and production for a number of independents and consulting firms including Netherland, Sewell, and Associates, Ventex Oil & Gas, Pemex, Madera Production, Johnson Ranch Partners, British Gas, National Energy Group, Maynard Oil Co., Lundberg Operating., and Trek Resources Inc. primarily in carbonate regimes. She was a Partner and Vice President at LaRoche Petroleum Consultants prior to joining Matador Resources Company, Wynn Crosby Energy and, recently Cinco Resources, Inc. where she was the Geology Manager. She gained expansive experience in all of the productive basins in the US, and many Latin American countries. Valary’s expertise is in reservoir characterization and quantification.

She has been actively involved within local and international professional organizations and has served in leadership roles within SIPES and the AAPG. She has received many professional awards including the John Emery Adams award of the Southwest Section of the AAPG, the Distinguished Service Award, of the AAPG, the Distinguished Member of the House and Honorary Member of the House of Delegates of the AAPG, to name a few. Valary received a Bachelor of Science in Geology (1971) from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. She is a Registered Geoscientist in the state of Texas #686 and an AAPG Certified Petroleum Geologist (CPG #5430), as well as President of VSW Holdings, Inc. While Valary’s first language is English, she is fluent in Spanish and conversant in French.


Cheryl V. Hogg

Cheryl V. Hogg

Cheryl brings a wealth of corporate experience and knowledge to the ZMM team. She spent the majority of her career in the Communications and Human Resources. As Director of Communications and Administration in public minerals companies, she was responsible for managing and directing the organization’s internal and external communications, creating communication strategies, and often served as the key spokesperson and media contact. Cheryl provides communication and information to ZMM clients, customers and stakeholders. She manages ZMM’s Administration, web design/maintenance and oversees all corporate reporting requirements.

As a Director and/or Executive in both public and private minerals companies, Cheryl maintains a broad knowledge of industrial minerals and excellent knowledge of zeolites, from many locations in Canada and the United States. She has excellent communication, coaching, motivational and customer service skills. She created programs, policies and procedures that supported a fast growing, multi-dimensional, multi- jurisdictional industrial minerals corporation. She built collaborations and communication infrastructures and technologies to support diverse working and cultural environments.

As an HR Systems Analyst, Cheryl used her many years of HR and systems experience to lead teams to implement new HR IT systems, upgrades and reconfigurations. As Supervisor, her teams were often voted the most successful in terms of preparedness, testing, system configuration, training documentation, change management, conversion and related communication.

As an HR Advisor, Cheryl supported employees and management by providing effective and professional service related to employee relations, conflict resolution, recruitment and retention, attendance management, training and development and reward and recognition programs.

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Jörg Thomas Gallo

Jörg Thomas Gallo

ZMM is pleased to welcome Jörg Thomas Gallo to our team. As well as being a Director, Jörg acts as ZMM Technical Advisor and International Company Representative for global sales. He provides ZMM with an intercontinental presence, trade assistance, market and sales advice and related technical activities in Europe and Brazil.

Jörg was born in Germany and lived for 18 years in Brazil. He now commutes between the two countries. He brings over 20 years of experience in geology, production management, quarry supervision, business administration, marketing and sales to ZMM. He is an avid Geo-Scientist and an internationally recognized expert on stone, providing advice and guidance to his clients around the world.

Jörg’s career is well rounded and extensive. His mineral exploration expertise covers field mapping, geographic information systems (GIS), core drilling, geochemistry and geophysics. He has exceptional Project Manager skills in Production Management (China); quarry supervision and core drilling programs; business administration and consulting for foreign investors (Brazil); and international trade assistance and sales. Having worked in Brazil, China, Russia, Norway, Italy, Scandanavia, India and Germany, Jörg is fluent in German, Portuguese and English. He holds a B.Sc in Geology/Palaeontology from JW Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main, Germany and was acredited at Federal University of Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  

Jörg and Verne first worked together on a zeolite exploration project in Brazil in 2012 and have since collaborated on a number of different global projects. ZMM is very delighted to have Jörg on the team!

Parkstraße 18 – 65779 Kelkheim Germany Cel: +49 (0) 151 6710 9981

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Jane Forgay

Sometimes you get lucky and this is definitely one of those times. Jane Forgay has joined the ZMM team as Executive Assistant Extraordinaire!

Jane is outgoing, experienced, energetic, customer service oriented and, more than that, embraces challenges…and, boy oh boy, do we provide them! Her positive attitude and dynamic personality is perfect for our work environment. She spent most of her prior career in the hospitality and tourism industry and brings with her a creative and enthusiastic attitude. She spent 14 years at Calaway Park, a western Canadian amusement park. Within her role as Guest Services, Retail and Office Manager, she was responsible for hiring, training and managing a team of 80 seasonal and year-round employees. A self-proclaimed “Carny”!

Jane’s formal training is in administration and executive assistance and upon relocating to British Columbia, she returned to an Executive Assistant position at an Okanagan resort property before joining ZMM. Jane provides communication, support and information to ZMM clients, customers and stakeholders and assists in ZMM’s administration, web design and maintenance. As Executive Assistant, she supports our team with strong organization, detail and time management skills. More than that, she is fun and a delight to work with!

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Chief Field Operations

ZMM is pleased to welcome Raymond G.J. Johnson to our team as Chief Field Operations. Raymond will supervise field operations on the Nesbitt Lake, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) project and assist on activities at the Z-1 Zeolite Quarry, as well as the TransCanada and Juniper Creek Zeolite properties.

Raymond brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, having worked on many mining operations, large and small. He was employed with Highland Valley Copper from 1983 to 2016, where he trained equipment operators and truck drivers. His vast experience includes over two years shop experience, seven years of haul truck driving and operating dozers, loaders, graders and excavators. He understands all aspects of excavating, mining and ranching in all weather conditions! In 2015, he took over the management and operation of his family’s business: HE Mining and Excavating, operating a crew of six.

Raymond is an open-minded, hardworking, sixth generation resident of the Ashcroft area and enjoys great working relationships with local businesses and government ministries, including those in Highways, Mining, Forestry and Ranching. Besides working with copper all those years, Raymond has worked with placer gold, aggregates, zeolites and diatomaceous earth for over two decades and is eager to formally join ZMM to make more magic with minerals. He has a super attitude and outlook on life as he announces “I am still teachable.” Doesn’t get better than that!

Verne and Raymond have worked together on many projects in the past and we’re thrilled to have him join ZMM as Chief Field Operations. Raymond is the ZMM contact at our DE Nesbitt Lake project and can be reached at 250 457-3363 or