Chabazite Mineral Data

ZMM Chabazite Chemical Information

Chemical Formula:            (Ca, Na, Mg, K)[Al2Si4O12]·6(H2O)

Composition:                     Molecular weight = 1,046.27gm

Environment:                    Volcanic rocks of the Kamloops and Penticton groups


Crystal System:                 Trigonal-Hexagonal Scalenohedral

Crystal Structure:

ZMM BC Chabazite Molecular Structure

ZMM Chabazite Molecular Structure

Physical Properties

Cleavage:                          {1011} imperfect

Color:                                Colorless, white

Density:                             2.09

Diaphaneity:                      Translucent to transparent

Habit:                                Pseudo cubic

Mohs Hardness:                4 to 5

Lustre:                               Vitreous

35% Chabazite by Volume

35% Chabazite by Volume

45% Chabazite by Volume

45% Chabazite by Volume

98% Chabazite after concentration

98% Chabazite after concentration