New Zeolite Product for the BC Poultry Industry, Z-1 Zeolite Sales Commence In North Okanagan

ZMM Canada Minerals Corp. Operator of Z-1 Quarry with Ashburton Ventures Inc. is pleased to announce sales made directly from a storage and packaging facility in Vernon BC. The customers are utilizing the zeolite in a new bedding application.

The BC poultry industry, which contributes $883 million to the Canadian GDP, according to the BC Chicken Marketing Board, currently utilizes wood shavings as its primary animal bedding in production barns. The new zeolite product addresses the age-old problem of odor and dampness which negatively affects flock health.

“We have initiated sales to the Okanagan poultry industry,” said LuVerne Hogg, Ashburton Operator and CEO of ZMM Canada Minerals Corp. “We’re currently filling orders with one-tonne bulk bags, and will have further packaging options – including one-tonne palettes loaded with ten and twenty-kilogram bags – available in coming weeks.”

Ashburton President David Gdanski added, “We have reached the important milestone of making sales from a distribution hub in Vernon. As a company, it is tremendously rewarding to be building a customer base and distribution network.”