ZMM Keeps Rockin’!

June 17, 2016

ZMM’s strong commitment to resource exploration and development is paying dividends. The Company has staked an additional 185 hectares containing high purity, crystalline Chabazite zeolite adjoining the Juniper Creek claims, south of Kamloops, British Columbia, for a total claims area of 800 hectares. These new discoveries will significantly increase the Chabazite reserves for ZMM and support long term security of supply.

Verne Calculating Approximate Tonnage

Verne Calculating Approximate Tonnage

And not only that but . . .

The Chabazite contained in the flow rocks in these new discoveries contains the highest percentage of crystalline Chabazite, at up to 70%, found to date. ZMM will be able to quarry the material using excavators and will not require drilling and blasting, allowing for low cost extraction.

Inspired by science and technology to create magical solutions

ZMM’s crystalline Chabazite availability will lead to new, clean technology solutions in high performance, high value adsorption applications, such as solar energy storage, thermal energy harvesting, systems for heating and cooling by reversible adsorption and desorption and new environmental remediation techniques. These Chabazite applications will sustainably reduce carbon emissions.

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