Another First…

Ashburton Moving Ahead on Commercializing the TransCanada Zeolite Property

Ashburton Ventures has been advised by ZMM Canada that the Application under the Provincial BC Mines Act Permit has been made to the British Columbia Ministry of Energy Mines on the TransCanada Zeolite property.

The Notice of Work and Reclamation Program application was submitted in April 2017. A reclamation security deposit has been made. The permit is for the removal of a bulk sample of 1,000 tonnes of the deposit. The TransCanada Zeolite property is located east of Kamloops, BC; 2 km east of Highway 97 and within 6 km of the TransCanada Highway.

The Notice of Work includes upgrading an access road to the quarry site. Mining of the 1,000-tonne sample will be by excavator; the material will be hauled 300 metres by rock trucks and stockpiled. A crusher will be brought in to crush the zeolite to less than 1/4 inch. Further processing and handling will be off the mine site.

The bulk sample will enable testing of the crystalline, high-purity zeolite. The high purity crystalline zeolite is slated for clean tech applications in the areas of molecular sieves, gas separation and purifying gas streams utilizing the exceptional properties of the zeolite. Other products will be produced for horticulture, agriculture and used in specialty cementations materials.

Together with Ashburton Venture Inc., we are looking forward to moving ahead with the development of this unique resource and providing clean tech environmental and industrial solutions. We are organized to proceed as soon as the mine permits are received.

“The exceptional properties of crystalline zeolite will lead to applications in numerous clean technology solutions like reverse adsorption systems, thermal energy harvesting and solar energy storage.  This will be a first for British Columbia”, said LuVerne E.W. Hogg, CEO of ZMM Canada Minerals Corp.