Ground Breaking on TransCanada Zeolite Project

ZMM Canada Minerals Corp. together with Ashburton Ventures Inc. is pleased to announce the access road to the TransCanada Zeolite location is complete.

Okanagan Aggregates Ltd., contracted to quarry the bulk sample, has excavating equipment on the property and has removed light overburden at the site. One thousand metric tons of Fe-Zeolites is being stockpiled at the TransCanada site this week and we are actively mining as weather permits.

ZMM Minerals Canada Corp. has conducted product research and development on this new iron-bearing zeolite for the past two years. These new Fe-Zeolites have unique physiochemical properties and will continue to be tested in a wide range of industrial, environmental and consumer applications. Initially, the same production process will be used as at the Z-1 Zeolite Quarry. The TransCanada zeolites can be refined to a high purity, using high-intensity magnetic separation, thus potentially increasing the scope of products and services for new and existing markets.

Actively mining and processing these unique zeolites contained in volcanic flow rocks – stilbite, scolecite, and mordenite – is an innovative and exciting first for BC. This initiative puts ZMM Canada Minerals Corp. in the unique position of being the only company in Canada to provide this suite of zeolite species.