LuVerne E.W. Hogg, President and CEO of ZMM Canada Minerals Corp., operator of the Joint Operating Committee on the development of the Z-1 Clinoptilolite Zeolite Quarry, reports on the research project title “Salinity Tolerance of Regional Native Plant Species and Soil Amendment Potential for Reclamation”. The work is being conducted by the Boreal Research Institute of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) with industry partners Paramount Resources Ltd. and ZMM Canada Minerals Corp.(ZMM). The goal of the program is to develop and test novel approaches to enhance and improve existing technologies to meet the demands of reclaiming naturally saline soil in northern Alberta.

ZMM and Ashburton Ventures Inc. are providing Clinoptilolite Zeolite from the Z1 Quarry at Cache Creek, BC. and F-Chabazite Zeolite from the TransCanada Zeolite, east of Kamloops, BC. Both occurrences are under development by ZMM and Ashburton. Additionally, ZMM is providing ZMM T-Carbon. These materials will provide an important and valuable alternative to extensive dig-and-dump activities during remediation of salt-contained spill sites. Positive results on the use of Zeolites and T-Carbons in saline soils will open significant market opportunities for these Zeolite and T-Carbon products with oil and gas companies.

Greening Up Alberta!

Combining new and existing reclamation practices and technologies established from this project will assist in creating best practices for cross-industry and cross-sector adoption. The work here will reflect positively and enhance Alberta’s energy-driven economy. By restoring the services and goods provided by boreal forest ecosystems, industry and SMEs (Subject Matter Experts/Small or Medium-Sized Enterprises) promote responsible management and environmental stewardship for the long-term benefit of all Albertans.

Forest land reclamation is an important business and employment generator in northern Alberta. There is a backlog of over 15,000 well sites requiring reclamation on the crown land of north western Alberta alone. The Alberta Energy regulator currently certifies, on average, only 780 well sites in the boreal region annually worth an estimated reclamation investment of $39 million.

Verne Hogg says, “ZMM is proud to be chosen as a SME for this exciting program. We look forward to reporting on the progress and results of this significant initiative to create new and innovative soil remediation techniques utilizing the unique properties of our Zeolites and ZMM T-Carbon.”