Once is Never Enough. Here We Go Again!

New Zeolite Source: BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Issues New Mine Permit

ZMM Canada Minerals Corp. is excited to announce at last we have received authorization to quarry a one thousand metric ton zeolite bulk sample on the TransCanada Zeolite property.

The Mine Permit allows the company to construct access roads, establish a quarry, remove and stockpile the bulk sample and crush on the site located near Kamloops off Duck Range Road, three kilometers east of Highway #97. Work will commence this month with the team at Okanagan Aggregates Ltd.

The TransCanada Zeolite property contains volcanic rocks of the Kamloops and Penticton Groups where zeolites can occur and occupy over 50 percent of the rock volume. ZMM has the technology to separate the zeolites from the flow rock as required. The zeolites identified to date are Mordenite, Stilbite, Analcime and Phillipsite. This will potentially expand capacity to deliver more and varied zeolite products and create new opportunities for product development.

Don’t Stop, There’s More….

Market testing and development for a wide range of applications in horticulture, agriculture, construction, environmental and advanced materials programs like Pressure Swing Adsorption systems, Thermal Energy Storage, and Thermal Energy Harvesting. The development of these new species will be a first for North America and will enable major technological advances in zeolite applications.