Results – Z-1 Zeolite/T-Carbon & Cannabis Harvest

ZMM Canada Minerals Corp. is excited with the positive results obtained from the analysis of the final weight of dried marijuana harvested from plants involved in a study of cannabis cultivated with zeolite from our Z-1 Zeolite Quarry near Cache Creek, BC.

Tim Harvey, C.O.O. of Ashburton Ventures reports that plants enriched with a zeolite-carbon blend produced up to 29% more dry cannabis (in a 0.9% to 29.4% range), with an average per-plant increase of 7.8% compared to control plants grown in straight coconut husk fibre (coco coir). Plants enriched with straight zeolite produced up to 19% more dry cannabis (in a 2.3% to 19.0% range), with an average increase of 7.1% in total harvest yields compared to the control group average.

Kasprowicz stated, “Straight zeolite and zeolite-carbon blends gave us the biggest gains, each with an average production increase of over 7% consistent across both strains. Our next phase of research will attempt to push this number higher by adjusting zeolite particle sizes. We believe a 10% production increase may be a realistic goal. Our pending order for 20 tons of Z-1 Zeolite has been adjusted to include a blend of fine particle sizes specific to our needs.”

Ashburton President David Gdanski stated, “Our study demonstrates a simpler route to the higher yields cultivators are after. In an industry where costs of production are high, typically exceeding 50% of the wholesale value of marijuana produced, a 7% or 10% increase in yields and revenue can equate to a 15% or 20% increase in net profit. We’re extremely pleased about what our study says about the potential return on investment for Z-1 Zeolite customers in the commercial marijuana sector.”