ZMM® Canada Minerals Corp. Update – June 26, 2020

ZMM® Canada Minerals Corp. reports both the TransCanada and Juniper zeolite properties in the Kamloops area of British Columbia are now permitted and a quarry has been established on the TransCanada deposit. The zeolite species of analcime, chabazite and phillipsite are contained in volcanic flow rocks.

ZMM has conducted extensive zeolite research and development over the past five years on applications in environmental remediation, high performance insulation, hazardous waste management and decarbonization technologies and products. Advances continue on both the flow rock containing zeolites and the separated high purity zeolite concentrates.

Development continues on ZMM’s programs at the University of Victoria on Vacuum Insulated Panels; at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology on remediation of salt damaged soils; and at the University of Saskatchewan on innovative stress tolerant bioremediation for hydrocarbon impacted sites in cold climates. In fact, U of S has successfully developed a process for composting petroleum wastes at extreme temperatures, enabling 12 months of composting. utilizing ZMM’s engineered zeolite and T-Carbon products. Large scale field trials will be conducted this year. There are over 20,000 contaminated sites in Canada that can benefit from ZMM’s zeolite-based remediation products.

ZMM is investigating and testing the use of its T-Carbon in high temperature insulation applications which will be fire resistant to several hundred degrees centigrade. This R&D fits well within the framework of the decarbonization strategy of the Canadian government.

To facilitate the manufacture of the energy related products, ZMM created a new company, ZMM Thermal Technologies Inc. The role of Thermal will be the production of VIPs, high temperature insulation, and thermal energy storage products.