ZMM Enhances Board

June 22, 2016

ZMM® CANADA MINERALS CORP. is excited today to announce Ms. Valary Schulz and Mr. Jörg Gallo will be joining the board.

As well as being a Co-Founder of ZMM, Valary has been an Advisor since December 2015 and an invaluable resource to ZMM. Her move to the Board is a natural progression. She is currently a consulting geologist active in petroleum exploration and exploitation in both conventional and unconventional spheres, primarily in the continental USA. Following a decade in base metal mining, she gained extensive experience in all of the hydrocarbon productive basins in the US, and many Latin American countries. Her expertise is in reservoir characterization and quantification. Valary is a peer recognized leader valued for creative solutions and intensely focused on results. She is known as highly motivated and driven. On top of all that, she has received many professional awards, the most recent being a most prestigious Honorary Membership Award of the AAPG. Valary can be contacted

Jörg has been ZMM’s Technical Advisor and international Company Representative for global sales since December 2015. Jorg has extensive expertise in international industrial minerals and brings a wealth of technical knowledge to ZMM. His strength in building global business is extremely valuable as ZMM continues to grow and expand. Jörg brings great talent and unbounded energy to ZMM as he strives for excellence in everything he does. He has over 20 years of experience in geology, production management, quarry supervision, business administration and marketing and sales. He is a passionate geoscientist and an internationally recognized expert on stone, providing advice and guidance to his clients around the world. His appointment to the Board speaks to his solid experience and outstanding contribution to ZMM. Jörg will remain ZMM’s Company Representative from his bases in Germany and Brazil. Jörg can be contacted at

“I’m excited about the contribution Valary and Jörg will bring to our Board,” says board chair Verne Hogg. “Their participation will inspire more innovation and enhance our global impact. With this energized and focused executive team ZMM’s success is assured.”