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August 11, 2016

At ZMM we adhere to the philosophy “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better best.” ~ Tim Duncan.  

We welcome every opportunity to grow our Team to unleash unlimited potential and possibilities. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Zvi Yaniv, of Austin Texas, to ZMM as Science and Technology Advisor. Zvi brings applied nanomaterials technology to ZMM’s new Chabazite zeolite. ZMM’s President and CEO, Verne Hogg, says “With the right team we can change the world!”

Dr. Zvi Yaniv

Dr. Zvi Yaniv

Dr. Yaniv holds a B.Sc. in physics/mathematics and a M.Sc. in electro-optics with distinction from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and earned a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in physics (liquid crystals) at Kent State University. Dr. Zvi Yaniv’s 45-year career began in earnest in 1970 when he founded the Electro-Optics Department at the Ben Gurion University’s Practical Engineering College in Be’er Sheva, Israel, while serving as its vice-president and a professor of electro-optics and math.

He has received awards from both universities and the Scientific Research Society. Dr. Yaniv is a member of the boards of directors of the Texas Nanotechnology Initiative, the Texas Israel Chamber of Commerce, the Nanotechnology Advancement Center and the Society for Information Display (SID). In May 1989, Dr. Yaniv was elected Fellow of the Society for Information Display for “his innovation and leadership in the development of large area high performance active matrix LCDs and scanners.” He has published over 300 articles, holds more than 300 patents and has extensive contacts in the US, Europe, Israel and the Far East.

In April 2000, Dr Yaniv was inducted as a Senior Research Fellow of the IC2 Institute of the University of Texas. He is also a recipient of the Nano50 2005 Innovator Award from Nanotech Briefs. Under his leadership, Applied Nanotech, Inc. was recognized as one of the top 50 companies for its achievements in advancing the nanotechnology state of the art (Nano 50 Awards in 2005 and in 2008). Applied Nanotech was selected by R&D Magazine for the R&D100 Award for its nano-thermal materials technology in 2009 and for its copper inks technology in 2010. R&D Magazine selects for the R&D100 awards the 100 most technological significant new products each year.

His latest business enterprise, Advanced Technology Generator, seeks to commercialize viable technology products by guiding promising entrepreneurial inventions from the idea phase to the incubation stage.

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Cheryl Hogg, Corporate Secretary

For more details on Zvi’s background and experience go to ZMM TEAM under the ABOUT US tab.

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