ZMM Adds Value!

November 24, 2015

ZMM® adds Value to its Clean Technology Solutions

ZMM recently acquired two groups of claims containing high purity, crystalline Chabazite zeolite, south and east of Kamloops, BC.

ZMM is very excited at having secured these exceptional properties!

Chabazite zeolite is a unique, rare and valuable mineral. Its exceptional properties enable its use in clean technology solutions, like thermal energy harvesting, solar energy storage, heating and cooling systems.

Between 2000 and 2006, Verne conducted exploration programs and discovered volcanic flow rocks containing high quantities of Chabazite zeolite near Kamloops, BC. Subsequently, a proprietary separation and extraction process of the Chabazite from the flow rock was developed, resulting in Chabazite purities of 98%.

Only in Canada you say? The purity of these deposits ranks them as two of the purest Chabazite zeolite deposits in the world.

The Chabazite contained in flow rocks in other parts of the world has been extensively examined, but lack of commercial quantities of crystalline Chabazite has prevented commercialization. ZMM’s crystalline Chabazite availability will lead to new, clean technology solutions in high performance, high value adsorption applications, such as solar energy storage, thermal energy harvesting and systems for heating and cooling by reversible adsorption and desorption. These Chabazite applications will sustainably reduce carbon emissions.

Inspired by science and technology to create magical solutions.

ZMM is collaborating with industry, universities and other stakeholders to engineer clean zeolite technology solutions. In 2016, ZMM will initiate development of the Chabazite resources required for commercial applications.

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For mineral details on BC Chabazite go to MINERALS and click on BC Chabazite Mineral Data Sheet PDF.