Following years of research and product development ZMM® CANADA MINERALS CORP. has formulated this natural zeolite product to help horses decrease stress and increase their horsepower. ZMM® ZMBA supports your horse’s digestive system and is recommended for all horses, all ages, all stages, all disciplines.

The benefits of nutritional balancing using ZMM® ZMBA:

  • Enhanced athletic performance and reduced stress
  • Renewed and improved health and digestion
  • Stronger immune system
  • A unique, natural antioxidant that traps free radicals
  • Improves: Nutrient digestion, feed efficiency, growth and weight gain, protein balance, gastro biotic response
  • Reduces: Nutrient overload, acidosis
  • Absorbs/Adsorbs: Contaminants in feeds (heavy metals), toxicity in feeds (mycotoxins, alpha toxins)
  • Aids in resolving diarrhea

Zeolitas at Kelowna Riding Club

How ZMBA Works

ZMBA is a natural zeolite molecular sieve with unique physiochemical properties. The molecular structure of ZMBA is a three dimensional honeycomb consisting of a network of interconnected tunnels and cages. Positively charged cations, exchangeable atoms, are attached at the junctions. ZMBA has an immense internal molecular surface area within its particles (10 grams of ZMBA is equal to a molecular surface area the size of a hockey rink).

Molecular Crystal Structure of ZMM Z-1 Clinoptilolite Zeolite

Molecular Crystal Structure of ZMM Z-1 Clinoptilolite Zeolite

The exchangeable cations are calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium. The exchangeable cations are the mechanism whereby toxic materials are captured by cation exchange, which beneficially impacts on the biological processes in the horse’s gastrointestinal tract. The captured toxins in the ZMBA are removed from the gastrointestinal tract in the stool.

Arenito's Princess with Dam Proper Queen - First Zeolite Mineral Balancing Aid (ZMBA) filly March 2011

Arenito’s Princess with Dam Proper Queen – First Baby Raised on ZMM Zeolite Mineral Balancing Aid (ZMBA) 

What to Look for at the Store

What to Look for at the Store

Arenito's Princess

Arenito’s Princess at Hastings Park

Arenito's Princess .... Healthy as a Horse!

Arenito’s Princess …. Healthy as a Horse!

ZMBA Retail Stores

ZMM – ZMBA Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)