ZMM® Litter Aid

ZMM® Litter Aid ~ A Natural Zeolite Solution

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Cat pee stinks!

Cat pee not only stinks, it can be harmful to your health, too. ZMM® Litter Aid keeps the smell under control. ZMM® Litter Aid is a natural zeolite solution. Easy to use: standard litters – simply sprinkle Litter Aid on the bottom of the litter box and on the top of litter as required; clumping litters – sprinkle on top of litter after scooping.

How ZMM® Litter Aid Works

ZMM® Litter Aid has an immense microporous structure that draws urea and ammonia into its molecular cavities, where it is bound. Because this adsorbent action locks in urea and ammonia there is no odour! ZMM® Litter Aid has an enormous internal molecular surface area within its particles – one tablespoon of ZMM® Litter Aid is equal to a molecular surface area the size of a hockey rink.

Benefits of using ZMM® Litter Aid:

  • Seals in odours before they escape the litter box
  • Absorbs urea thereby limiting the microbial action necessary to produce ammonia
  • Adsorbs ammonia molecules into its molecular structure, thereby removing it from the air
  • Supports a stronger immune system and improved respiratory health for the whole family

NOTE: Cats are the only animals that transmit the parasite causing toxoplasmosis in their poop, which then ends up in litter box. If you must empty the litter box while pregnant, wear disposable rubber gloves and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Infection with toxoplasmosis during pregnancy is rare but, it’s sensible to be cautious.