Along with products already listed have a look at what’s on the way. We’re excited and we think you will be too!

ZMM® T-Carbon

  • Developing a series of agricultural, horticulture and remediation solutions


  • In collaboration with University of Victoria to develop insulating envelopes for buildings – 3 year program

ZMM® Soil Amendment for Reclamation

  • In collaboration with the Boreal Research Institute, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Province of Alberta, to remediate damaged soils on pipeline right of ways and well sites – 3 year program

ZMM® High Purity Chabazite

  • Developing applications for use in high value, clean technology applications, such as Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems, Thermal Energy Storage, Thermal Energy Harvesting, Molecular Sieve applications, and Radioactive Waste Encapsulation

ZMM® F-Chabazite

  • Developing applications in Water Purification, Horticulture/Agriculture, Animal Feeds, Compost Aids, Environmental Remediation and SCMs