ZMM Adds Absorbent Assets


 LuVerne E.W. Hogg said, “we are very excited by this acquisition of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) from Raymond Johnson of Ashcroft, BC. It expands our portfolio of performance industrial minerals and will build our share of the industrial minerals markets. It will provide additional opportunities for further growth through innovation as these materials have synergy to our existing zeolite interests. We believe that innovative research and technology will create significant markets and applications.”

ZMM has completed a Notice of Work for the province of British Columbia, Quarrying Permit #MX-4-644 and has placed an environmental bond for work on the property. The permit currently allows for removal of up to 10,000 tonnes of DE, in total, until 2019.

A limited amount of exploration and development work has been done on the property. ZMM has recently mapped and sampled the property in detail and believe the reserves and reserve potential warrant further development.

Physio and chemical tests of the DE indicate it can be used in a myriad of applications. Its distinguishing feature is it has a bulk density of approximately 122 kg/m2, a water absorbency of 110% and a physical hardness of 183 psi (which is a good raw material strength). Other characteristics of oil absorbency, porosity and permeability allow for applications as an absorbent, lightweight aggregate, supplementary cementaceous material (SCM), and a broad range of agricultural and horticultural applications. As well as industrial applications, DE can be used in consumer products ranging from cat litters to barn deodorizers and horticultural products.