Rarely has a business opportunity occurred to acquire a specialty mineral deposit and create an operation with the following characteristics, expertise and depth of knowledge already in place.

The Z-1 quarry provides a unique and rare opportunity for near term production because of:

  • High quality zeolite deposit situated on the surface
  • Extensive expertise with the characterization, uses and applications for the Z-1 zeolite
  • Dedicated to using research to develop new and exciting zeolite products
  • Patented and proprietary zeolite technologies in place
  • Comprehensive knowledge of research and development technologies and product formulations
  • Global experience in market development and sales
  • 1,100,000 tonnes of proven and probable reserves, with  additional possible reserves
  • Enviable location to market on main east/west transportation corridor (Trans Canada Highway and CN and CP rail)
  • Ideal hot, dry climate of dessert conditions at Cache Creek for quarrying and processing zeolite, which is sold dry, resulting in huge energy and cost savings
  • Minimal environmental footprint
  • Ability to grow from current state into production easily and affordably in a reasonable time frame
  • All necessary government environmental and operating permits are in place and all area stakeholders have approved

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” How many times have you heard this old saying as an excuse for not trying something new or avoiding a fresh approach?

ZMM’s Seven Key Steps for Successful Marketing of Zeolite:

  1. Provide a clear and distinct knowledge of the physio/chemical properties of the Z-1 zeolite for customers’ use
  2. Create innovative applications for zeolite across the consumer, agricultural, environmental, mining, oil and gas, industrial and alternate energy spectrums
  3. Promote, educate and demonstrate zeolite solutions utilizing media, social media, conferences and trade shows
  4. Utilize the ability to understand customers’ businesses, communicate in their language and design new solutions to new problems, establishing ZMM as the leader in “zeolite solutions”
  5. Being an environmentally responsible, innovative company serving the needs of customers by creating breakthrough zeolite solutions
  6. Establishing technical collaborations and strategic alliances to engineer new products and applications to serve new markets
  7. Quickly introducing and commercializing new products and technologies

ZMM is poised to become the best technologically advanced clinoptilolite zeolite producer in North America.