If You Can Think It, You Can Do It

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ZMM® Canada Minerals Corp., creative leader of clean technology, created specifically to provide unique, valuable and innovative natural zeolite products and solutions.

At ZMM we have the right people, materials and knowledge to create and deliver zeolite solutions with exceptional technical support and customer service. We provide advanced, high performance, environmentally friendly zeolite solutions, tailored for your specific needs. We work with you to troubleshoot your problems and create natural, effective, affordable zeolite solutions.

Ever wished you had a magical solution to a problem?

ZMM has created new, technologically advanced processing procedures that dramatically improve the performance of the zeolites. The Company has also established technical collaborations and strategic alliances with individuals, corporations, governments and universities to engineer new, exciting zeolite products.

Mission Statement: To create and deliver innovative, sustainable zeolite solutions.